Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary...

 Mary, Mary quite contrary...how does your garden grow?

Well, if you live in the midwest...it ain't growing at all!!!

Your garden may or may not look like this...

Beautiful, but not happy about it in March... this was just days before the official start of Spring.

We did get a day that melted it all, but back into the cold and a fresh new dusting of snow occured overnight.

I would love to get out there and plant, but planting in these parts isn't until May.  So in the meantime, I am looking for clever ideas to mark what I will be planting.  Here's what I have been looking at...

How clever is that?  Just gather some FREE wooden paint stick stirrers from your local hardware store.  Pick out your favorite paint colors and paint the sticks.  Use a paint pen to write the name of the plant.  That's it!  All the 3 Cs are covered:  Cute, Cheap and Clever!  Thanks Katy Harper for the idea!

Start saving the corks from your wine bottles!  Just write the name right on the cork, in permanent marker.  Stick a thin dowel into the cork and then into the ground it goes!  So many fabulous ideas with corks and this one is a good one!  Great idea from the Backyard Diva!

These are pretty stinkin' cute!  Domestic Simplicity recycled spoons.  Use some old mismatched spoons or buy some from the dollar store.  Have the kiddos draw small pictures of the veggies or flowers you are planting.  You cut them to size and add a label.  Use outdoor Modge Podge to attach the picture to the spoon.  Check out the link to find complete directions.

I can't wait to plant!  So in the meantime...which garden markers will I use this year?

If this winter continues much longer...I may have time to make ALL of them!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!


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