Monday, March 24, 2014

Anything Popping Up?

The snow has finally melted around here.  Last I heard, we hadn't seen grass since December 1!  DECEMBER 1...that is insanely crazy!!!

We see grass, but not close to being green.
We have varing shades of brown in our landscape...
It's no wonder I have been experiencing cabin fever!

Anything popping up out of the ground at your house?
I haven't seen one spring bulb making it's way out of the frozen ground...

So, I am going to "pop" into the kitchen and make something a"maize"ing AND "corny" that will make my heart "pop."
Are you getting the clues yet?


This is so fun!  This popcorn is made with kool-aid!  You choose the flavor or pick based on colors you want for a holiday or celebration.  Tasty Kitchen has all the ingredients you need and the directions.  The combinations are endless!

Check out Cookies and Cups for an easy salted caramel popcorn recipe.  Sweet and salty...the perfect combo!

This next recipe starts with caramel popcorn and then you add some more ingredients like Golden Graham cereal, marshmallows and chocolate to create S'more Popcorn.  Get all the details over at Thirty Handmade Days and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

You may not have anything popping out of the ground in your area, but you can have some yummy treats popping up in your kitchen!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!