Thursday, December 12, 2013

Upcycling Christmas

I have found some awesome ideas for upcycling at Christmas time!

Love being green!!!

Here's the first idea for wrapping paper...

I have my own reusable bags, but sometimes I forget them in my car (fancy that?), so I ask for paper bags...the greener thing to do, right?  Anyway, check those bags out!  Sometimes they have the most AMAZING seasonal art work on them!  I bet you never noticed that before, I sure didn't.  So when I saw these on line, my heart skipped a beat...Christmas can be upcycled!  These bags are actually from Trader Joe's, but I have seen other stores with holiday prints on their paper bags too.  Just tie on some ribbon or baker's twine and you have an adorable country home-spun look for your gifts.  No wrapping paper expense out of your sir! has a great idea for using old Christmas cards as new Christmas cards, gift tags or just holiday notes.  I have been doing this for years!!!  It is so fun to create something new out of something you would probably just throw away.  Check it out...

You can use wrapping paper scraps or images from Christmas cards.  All you need is some card stock cards in a color of your choosing or some card stock cut into gift tag design, some glue and your creative spirit.  You will end up with your own custom designs...great for the kiddos too.

So look through what you have and don't throw it out at the end of this year's holiday so that you can upcycle Christmas!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!


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