Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hot Chocolate Bar

During the winter season, I fill up the pantry with all kinds of fun things to create your own special hot chocolate.  There are lots of flavored hot cocoas, fun marshmallows and yummy creamers to make that hot drink extra special during those long winter nights.  Trust me, our winter is a long one, so I need anything fun to help me make it through.  But last year I hosted Christmas, so I created a hot chocolate bar for my guests...and it was a HIT!

Here's where I got my inspiration...

Look at those cute snowman from
They used red fruit roll ups to create the scarves, Hershey kisses for the hat and pretzels for the arms!  Add some eyes, nose and mouth with frosting from a tube.
Adorable!  Add some fun marshmallows and some crushed candy canes and people will think you are part elf!  

Here shows you all the fun things you could use!  I say just copy it!

I love the way this can be set up and just left out for the season!  It is a great kitchen decoration and highly functional!  I have something very similar in my own home so that my family can just help themselves to a special, warm drink.

Hopefully you are now inspired to create your own hot chocolate bar!  You could even add some Baily's Irish Cream to make it an adult version or even some Kahlua?  When company comes, you could make the hot cocoa in mass and then leave it in a crock pot to stay warm.  Guests just ladle some out and add the toppings!!!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!