Friday, September 6, 2013

Chicken Alfredo Pizza for Pizza Friday

Made it to another end of the week!  This time...Chicken Alfredo Pizza is on the menu!

Now, yesterday was National Cheese Pizza Day, but I thought I would share a pizza recipe that is so much more than just regular old cheese pizza.

The crust is really what makes this pizza and will totally impress your family and/or guests!  Who says you can't serve pizza to guests?  Not me!

You start with loaves of frozen bread dough which can be found in your freezer section of the grocery store.  You also need a rotisserie chicken from the deli or you can use one of those already cooked, grilled chicken packages that are ready to go.  If you are really ambitious, cook and debone your own chicken.  As a side note...I am fizzling out by Friday, so I prefer going with as many prefinished parts as possible.  :)

I found this recipe at and love how the pizza turned out!  Just click on over there for the complete recipe.  The recipe is broken into several parts.  It may look complicated, but really it is pretty simple since the recipe is semi homemade due to the frozen bread dough loaves and the already, cooked chicken.  The recipe includes how to make an Alfredo sauce too, which I prefer.  But, by all means purchase a jar of Alfredo sauce if you really want something quick.

What a great way to deviate from the regular, red sauce pizza.  It's still pizza and it is Friday!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!