Saturday, September 7, 2013

An Apple A Day...

The story of Johnny Appleseed is such a neat legend...

The legend says he was a pioneer who traveled throughout the Midwest countryside spreading apple seeds, barefoot!  He is quite the folk hero!  In the Midwest, there are even festivals dedicated to celebrating Johnny Appleseed and all things apple.

Naturally, coming from Florida, we were all about oranges.  Living in the Midwest, September became a whole month to make things apple!!!  Not that I couldn't have done that in Florida.  To me, it is just more authentic to make apple recipes in a state where Johnny walked.  I am an authentic kind of girl, you know?  It was a very exciting change for me!  So, one of  our first Midwest experiences was getting out to an apple orchard!  It then became an annual tradition with our kiddos. 

Off to the apple orchards we go!  Hopped on a tractor and the farmer's dog joined us.  Pretty idyllic!

Two of the cutest apple pickers, my oldest on the left with her good friend!  Ahh the memories!  Looks like their bags are pretty empty though?  I think they had been eating more than picking?  You think?
Anyway, picking bushels of apples for eating as is, pies, cakes, bars or whatever else I can dream up,   we have built up quite a hunger.  So time to fill our tummies with cider and apple cider doughnuts of course! 

While nothing is quite the same as the apple cider doughnuts at the orchard, I have found an apple cider doughnut recipe that is pretty darn close!  This one has been around for awhile and I make it every year.  Kind of our own apple celebration!  I originally found it at

 Homemade Apple Cider Doughnuts

Now this is probably a weekend type recipe.  Does take some time.  But when you are really looking for that orchard fresh taste, these doughnuts will hit the spot!  The doughnuts literally melt in your mouth!  Follow the link above to find the whole recipe with ingredients and instructions!  You won't want to miss out.  Tastes just like the farmer's wife made them!

So now that September has rolled in, be sure to take advantage of all the fruits and veggies that are being harvested.  If you can, take a day trip to a local you pick'm and gather some goodies.  Eat some there and save some for cookin' later.

'Cuz it is important to celebrate the little things that make life sweet!