Saturday, August 17, 2013

Are Your Ready for Some Football?

Preseason football has begun!  Are you ready?
I came from a house divided!  My sister and I went to THE top rival state schools in Florida and my dad favored a third state school in Florida.  Not sure why that was since lots of money was spent at the other schools?  Football season became quite the "friendly" competition in our house.  Saturdays were for college football and Sundays were for professional football.  So I learned a few things about the sport, which makes me a football expert.  What's that sound?  It's my hubby laughing boisterously from beyond!  That last comment about my expertise made him crack up.  Really, I know just enough to be dangerous...just don't ask me anything.  :)

Well, we haven't started tailgating or having game day snacks just yet.  But now is the time to make some clever, football themed crafts to display.  After all, it's the decoration and snacks that make game day, right?

Just saw this one...

Save a couple of tin cans and paint them with brown acrylic paint or cover with brown construction paper and paint on the white football lacing.  A very cute and quick idea from

How cute is this?  I guess the word cute shouldn't be used during football season.  Let's try again...this table runner is rockn'!  Get a green rug or some astroturf from the home improvement store.  Add some white electrician's tape and some mailbox numbers to create the hash marks...see I used my football lingo!  Instantly you have a football field table runner.  You can use this at home or out while you are tailgating so that you really look like a top tailgating professional.  Again, appearances!

I really like this idea from because you can totally customize it to your favorite team.  This one is definitely on my "to make" craft list.  The colors even work for me too, just need to change the name.  You can purchase a grapevine wreath at the arts and craft store.  Letters can be purchased there as well and are usually around $1-$2 depending on how fancy your letter is.  Pick out some craft paint and ribbon in the colors you want, then just add a premade football that can also be found at the craft store.  This would be a great gift for a college student too or a way to celebrate your team or favorite kid football player in your house.

Since preseason football has just begun, now is the time to get started on a few crafts before the touchdowns are scored!

Take time to celebrate the little things that make life sweet!

Go Dolphins, Bears, Seminoles, Hawkeyes or your favorite team...unless it is the Gators.  Yep, the rivalry is still there!

Come back again for tailgating and game day snack ideas when the season gets going!