Friday, February 26, 2016

Oscar Night Popcorn and Candy Treats

The Academy Awards with all the glitz and glamour is being held this weekend.  Once again, most of what is up for awards, is not something I've seen.  However, I still like the red carpet entrances and seeing some of the awards.  I say some because usually it is on waaaay past my bedtime.   Anyhow, I was thinking about those Price Waterhouse Coopers people.  You know, the "tuxedo trusted accountants."  What IS their purpose?  Well, I did some research.  They are responsible for tallying all the votes and keeping it secret until each award is announced at the show.  They have never had a breach in security.  All the ballots are placed in The Ballot Briefcase for carrying the winning ballots to the Academy Awards.  You could have even followed the briefcase's journey on Snapchat.  The partners of the firm memorize the winners of 24 categories.  If the wrong winner is announced, they are authorized to go on stage and stop the show.  Perhaps Steve Hardy could've used them standing close by.  Ha!
Now you are in the know.  It's always good to be packed with knowledge and some's how I live my life.  Ha!  So, Lights, camera, action!  Get those snacks ready for any "Hollywood" party!

For the ultimate snack mix, mix up a batch of Oscar Night Snack Mix!
Hot cocoa popcorn, dark chocolate covered raisins, cashews, golden raisins, marshmallows and honey graham cereal round out this snack mix. 

Oscar Night Snack Mix

You have to have candy.  Even better, a frozen candy cup made with Skittles!

Frozen Bon Bon Candy Cups

Sweet and salty is always good!  That's exactly what Kettle Corn is.  A little sweet, a little salty.

Kettle Corn

Finish it all off with shot glasses of Strawberrytini Parfaits!

Strawberrytini Parfaits

Happy viewing and snackin'!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,

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