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My name is Christine.  I WAS a native Florida beach girl until my wonderful husband whisked me away to a suburb outside of Chicago.  Most people move south, right?  Not me!  I left a place where 60 degrees was considered chilly and now live somewhere that can have temperatures below zero...OFTEN!  Talk about a salt water fish out of water!  Who knew where life would take me?  I have now lived in the Midwest for 20 years and do love it...really.  The seasons are the absolute best!!!  I love embracing ALL that each season has to offer (well, check back with me about that thought when it is February).

I am a wife, mom of two gorgeous daughters and I work for a school district.  I love "chick flicks," as my husband calls them and I also love watching scary movies...although I sleep with the light on for a week afterward!  I am an avid reader and love getting my nails dirty in the dirt.  But, don't worry.  I always clean them up before I cook and read...ha..ha.  AND, I have to admit, I am a little obsessed with recipes in mini form.  Appetizers and mini desserts are my ABSOLUTE favorite because the best things really do come in small packages!  Celebrating those little things, both literally and figuratively, are what it is all about!

So, how did I get into cooking?  Well thanks for asking!  I LOVED checking out cookbooks from the library as young as 5th grade.  Yep, this was the pre-internet day so libraries held ALL the information.  The first thing I remember making myself was a home-made brownie with chocolate chips.  I got rave reviews and kept going from there.  That experience continued to help me blossom in the kitchen from recipes to creating "restaurants" in the house. My sister and I used to create themed restaurants that even had menus.  She was always the waitress and I was the chef.  From there, I just kept on cooking...no formal training at all.  Just my kitchen, some recipes and willing volunteers who liked to eat it!  Cooking has always been fun and a great outlet for all my energy!

I am a BUSY lady, so, I love EVERYTHING simple, delicious and creative!  Simply stated, this will be a  cooking blog of yummy and easy recipes..a blog that dabbles in A Sprinkle of This and That with Seasonal Based Simplicity.  Join me in heading back into the kitchen with simple creations that make the ordinary become extraordinary.  Lots of mini sweet and savory treats are heading your way!  Let's celebrate the "little" things that make life sweet!

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