Saturday, September 5, 2015

Most Popular Summer Burger of 2015

Well, it's finally here!
Labor Day is here and not only is it a time for relaxing, friends, family and some yard work, but it is also the weekend of the big reveal.  I introduced 8 different burger recipes over the summer.  Some were like your typical burger and others were in a different format.  I have to say, it was pretty close.  One burger did seem to stand out over the rest...I know you are just waiting on pins and needles.
So, here we go...
The Most Popular Summer Burger of 2015 on A Sprinkle of This and That is....drum roll, please...

There were BBQ Biscuit Burgers made with homemade BBQ sauce.  Italian Burger Bites for a great appetizer!  Johnny Appleseed Burgers with a red mayo sauce and slices of apples for that fall feel.  Nacho Burgers had all that nacho goodness on a burger.  Burgers smothered, I mean smothered in cheese?  The Queso Smothered Burger fit that cheesy need.  Crispy Wonton Burger Cups were so fun!  All the burger fixin's in a crispy wonton cup.  And the Pineapple Teriyaki Burger totally gave you that tropical vibe with grilled slices of pineapple.  
But THE MOST shared burger was The Pub Burger!

A simple sea salt and pepper seasoned burger topped with lettuce and tomato.  But then there are caramelized Vidalya onions and a sauce that is so smoky good.  An explosion of flavors!  Make sure to click the link to get the recipe for the Pub Burger.

Labor Day weekend is here so you can choose any of the burgers by clicking the link to find your favorite.  Or use my Labor Day Weekend Menu plan for your Labor Day meal.

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you do for the last unofficial days of summer.  My hubby has BIG yard work plans in the 90 degree heat...he's a crazy man and thinks I am helping.  Ha!  My plans?  Sipping a lemonade while relaxing under a tree.  I think mine plan is better.  :)

Thanks so much for sharing all the burger recipes from this past summer.  It was fun to see which one had the most interest.  

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,

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