Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beach "Daze"

Hi everyone!
We have just returned home from our family beach vacation.  The place we travel to is our absolute favorite beach location.  It is a place where we all unwind and relax, spending the entire day sitting under a beach umbrella and cooling off in the crystal blue waters.  Tough, right?  Anyhow, we have returned home to mountains of laundry, weeds thigh high (ok, ankle high) and a lawn that looks like a jungle.  But, as much as I love our favorite beach spot, there is no place like home and being away makes you appreciate where ya live even more.  So while we play catch up and shake this beach "daze," I thought I would share with you our favorite beach spot.  You know, it's kind of like sharing a sweet fishing spot.  Besides, there is still time to squeeze in a summer vacation or plan ahead for next year.  You may want to even pin this for later and in the dead of winter, check out someplace warm and beautiful!

Please note, I was not compensated in anyway.  Seaside, Florida is located along the Gulf Coast on the Panhandle of Florida.  In the early 80's dreams for a idyllic planned community began.  Off 30a, this community took shape.  Victorian beach houses all centered around a town square popped up.  The hubby and I have been going since the beginning and have continued to vacation here as the girls have grown up.  Sugar white sands and crystal waters...just beautiful!

You can stay on the beach or in a gingerbread like house just a 2 minute walk away from having sand between your toes.  Each house is unique and set among white picket fences and shaded paths that all lead to the beach.  Many of those home have towers in which you can easily see the beach and possibly a pod of dolphins passing by.  Yes, we saw quite a few groups of dolphins.

Once you park your need to leave.  Modica Market has everything you need, restaurants will keep you full, lots of shops for that beachy look in your home or for your wardrobe, beach umbrellas and chairs, beach bike cruisers...everything you need is right there.  We have stayed in many cottages, so if you need referrals, just message me.  Otherwise, explore the Seaside, Florida website to find the one just right for you.  The virtual tours really give you a sense for what the house is like.

The town square is where it all the action takes place.  Outdoor concerts and movies are surrounded by food trucks, ice cream shops, restaurants, a bookstore and so much more.  After a day of relaxing at the beach, head on over here for more family fun.

A farmer's market is a Saturday morning treat!  Full of flowers, veggies and all kinds of treats.  Ok, let's get real here.  A farmer's market with all kinds of whoopie pies?  Now that's a farmer's market!  Which ones did we choose?  Couldn't decide, so 1 of each kind.  They were so fun and yummy!

What to eat?  So many choices!  Here are my recommendations...
It's Heavenly for ice cream, gelato and chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick.  Oh my gosh, the chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick is to die for!
May have had that a few times, but I won't tell.

The Modica Market has food items to cook as well as many prepared items too.  Every morning we walked over for some pastries for breakfast.

The Meltdown on 30a is a grilled cheese food truck.  Not only do they have the regular grilled cheese, but come on, you are on vacation and you need something special.  I chose the Cuban Sandwich grilled cheese.  Watch for the recipe!

Awesome barbecue at Barefoot BBQ.  Smoothies and juices at Raw and Juicy.  Need coffee?  Check out Amavida.  How about a refreshing sno-cone?  Frost Bites will have the flavor you want!

Bud and Alley's Taco Bar is festive and has delicious tacos and queso nachos.  The Pizza Bar by Bud and Alleys is set into the dunes and has a lounge like atmosphere.  Great pizzas and pastas!

The Great Southern Cafe...awesome seafood!  Grits a Ya Ya is their specialty.  "Blackened‎ shrimp, sauté of applewood-smoked bacon, spinach, portobello mushrooms, & cream on a bed of smoked Gouda cheese grits."  My plate was squeaky clean...I ate every last morsel!

But there was still room for a Mile High Key Lime Pie!

Of course there is a wine bar.  45 Central has quite a selection and the servers make recommendations too.  Paired with some tapas and you have an awesome evening dinner.
Lobster Roll sliders on grilled Hawaiian Bread rolls...a perfect seaside meal.

An amazing paella made right there in the square! 

Seaside, Florida...relaxation.  Every sense is tantalized!  The beauty of the ocean and beach, the sounds of the surf, the feel of the sand between your toes and the aroma and flavor of all the food.

Spend the day at the beach observing schools of fish, riding the waves on a boogie board, floating on an inner tube, catching some rays, reading a book under your beach umbrella or just walking along the shore.  Your evenings?  Watching the sunset, having a relaxing dinner, shopping, joining in town square events or searching for crabs with your flashlights.  Then repeat...

Seaside is new urbanism at it's best...a pair of flip flops and your bathing suit are all you need.

And with that sunset, another beach vacation full of memories comes to an end.
Until next time...

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,

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