Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rice Krispy Berry Yogurt Cups

Check out these mini treats.
Add them to your breakfast spread, dessert table or even offer them at snack time.  They are refreshing AND red, white and blue!

Rice Krispy Berry Yogurt Cups are filled with vanilla yogurt and juicy berries.
Pop those babies right in!  Quite a sweet treat!

originally from Peter Callahan Bite by Bite
Ingredients for 1 dozen:
nonstick spray
1 Tbsp unsalted butter
6 large marshmallows
1 cup krispy rice cereal
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
extra butter for shaping the cups
12 raspberries
12 blueberries
Lightly coat a 12 cup mini muffin pan with nonstick spray.  In a saucepan, melt the unsalted butter over low heat.  Add the marshmallows and stir until melted.  Remove from heat and stir in krispy rice cereal.  Spoon about 1 Tbsp into each muffin cup.  Work quickly before mixture hardens.  Butter fingertips and press krispy rice cereal to form a cup shape in the muffin cup.  Let sit 10 minutes before removing each krispy rice cup.  Spoon in 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla yogurt.  Add a blueberry and raspberry.  Serve immediately.

Love these little treats!
Easy to put together, yet impressive to serve.  Some ordinary ingredients that you can take to the extraordinary.  Less than 10 ingredients!  AWESOME!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,

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