Friday, June 5, 2015

Mango Moscato Slushie

My 25th wedding anniversary is just around the corner.
25 years married to my best boyfriend ever!  
Ha!  Ha!
To celebrate our silver, we are traveling back to my homeland...aka Florida!
It' going to be a relaxing beach vacation with lots of foodie experiences.
Heading to South Beach and staying at a boutique hotel right on Ocean Drive.
I am sure I will have just a ton of recipe ideas to share with you!  
See, it's like you are traveling too.  :)  Much cheaper that way, don't you think?
In the meantime, I am listening to some tropical tunes and sipping on this wonderful summer cocktail.

You do know that because it is summer time, that "it's 5 o'clock somewhere" rule doesn't apply.
You can start at noon!  Summer is short around these parts so you need to take advantage of each nano second.  Enjoying a glass of this frozen cocktail will make your afternoon!

Mango Moscato Slushie is seriously tropical!
Made with just 3 ingredients!  

1 16 ounce bag frozen mango
2 cups Moscato
1/3 cup granulated sugar
Place frozen mango, Moscato and granulated sugar in a blender.  Blend until well mixed.

I rimmed the glasses with sugar just to add a little punch.
I don't think a tropical cocktail could be any simpler.
It'll cool you down and provide that mellow tropical vibe.  Just add in a blender and push a button.  Done!

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