Sunday, May 31, 2015

Strawberry S'more Swirls

Last night I could not take my eyes of the television.
I was watching the Blackhawks vs Ducks hockey game, specifically game 7.  I'd look away for a few seconds and then I would hear the announcer's voice get fast and high pitched over some play that was happening.  I would look back  trying to figure out what happened and find the location of the puck.  I tell ya, it was exhausting!  The pace was so fast.  And to think, I never even watched hockey while living in the Sunshine state.  Now I am a big fan.  Living in the Chicago area one must be a hockey fan.  I even know the player's names.  I know you are impressed right?  :)  The results of the game?  I'll get to that.  While you anxiously await the results, check out this recipe for Strawberry S'more Swirls!  You won't be able to take your eyes off this goody.

Each swirl has all the "fixins" found in a s'more with the addition of strawberry pie filling.  It's ooey, gooey good!

No fire needed!  Just gather up all the s'more lovers in your house and tell them to meet you in the kitchen!

1 can refrigerated pizza crust
1/4 cup marshmallow cream
1/4 cup hazelnut spread
1/4 cup graham cracker crumbs
3 Tbsp strawberry pie filling
nonstick spray
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Lightly grease a 13 x 9" cookie sheet.  Roll out refrigerated pizza crust onto prepared cookie sheet, spreading the dough to fit the sheet.  Bake for 8 minutes.  Remove from the oven and cool slightly.  Spread on marshmallow cream and then hazelnut spread on top of the marshmallow cream.  Sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs.  At one short end of the dough, spread the 3 Tbsp strawberry pie filling.  Start at that end and roll short end to short end.  Place roll, seam side down, into an ungreased bread loaf pan.  Bake for 8 minutes.  Remove from oven.  Slice and serve.

Chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker crumbs and strawberry pie filling all swirled together.
I think this might just be my new favorite way to serve s'mores!
Don't take your eyes off this dessert or it will disappear!
As for the Blackhawks game?
Blackhawks are heading for the Stanley Cup Finals!

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