Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day and The Burger Quest


As we attend parades, barbecues and retail sales, let us not forget those who served and died in the name of our country.  Prayers to all those families who have lost loved ones.  
This year's Memorial Day is also my hubby's birthday and the beginning of the my foodie quest.  Wow!  A triple celebration of sorts.  So, what is the foodie quest?  It involves a TON of research!  The hubby and I are going be looking for THE BEST BURGER!  Each week I will be featuring a burger recipe for you to serve at your summer barbecues.  The most popular burger that is pinned and shared on social media will win the title of A SPRINKLE OF THIS AND THAT BEST BURGER 2015.  The "crowning" will take place on Labor Day.  Make sure to follow along so you can vote for your favorite.  Vote as often as you like!  The more you vote, the better!  Pin, tweet, share on Facebook or Instagram! Each and every week there will be a new version!  And, if you have an idea for me to try...let me know!  I'd love to!  I can't wait to see which will be your favorite!

Happy Memorial Day
Happy B'day to my hubby
And let the Burger quest begin!

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Lot of Barbecue Ideas for today and all summer long!
Memorial Day BBQ Round Up

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