Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Wine"ing in Winter

Winter started not even a month ago.

We have had snow!  The 5th snowiest in 86 some odd years!

We have had cold!  Many days not only below freezing, but below zero!

We have had ice!  I have slid through parking lots and down my driveway!

I have been brave!  I have shoveled!  I have embraced the season with open, well layered arms but there are a few moments when I think...

Ever get that feeling?  But I am NOT "whining" about winter because I ran across a great idea for those nights beside the fire and you want a quick, "appetizer" like meal without the kiddos.  If you set this up, there will be "wine"ing in for sure!

This is a great reference for creating a wine and cheese plate for you and your special someone.  The cheese will perfectly compliment the wine!  It will be a quick appetizer type meal while sitting next to your roaring fire.  You get the image!

So before the next blizzard, when your hubby arrives home with an extra shovel for you (yep, my "special" husband bought me that "special" gift the night of the blizzard of 2011), redirect that "special" someone to the fireplace and your perfectly arranged wine and cheese table.  'Cuz that would be way more fun than shoveling!

Whether I am made for winter or not, there will be "wine"ing around here...not "whining."

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!