Monday, January 13, 2014

A Jolly, Happy Soul-Snowman Art

From Frosty to a backyard snowman...have you even seen one that is grumpy?  The snowman always seems to be a jolly, happy soul!

With the weather frightful and the fire delightful, lets get crafting!

What else are you going to do?

Here are some fun easy projects to fill those short, freezing winter days and celebrate the snowman!

Snowman Art Idea 1

This one is for the kiddos, but somehow I think you may want to join in!  The shaving cream and glue mixture feels great on your hands!
Mix equal parts of the shaving cream and glue. Mix well. Have the kiddos draw an outline of a snowman with a pencil first and then use foam paint brushes to fill it in with the mixture. Cut out black hats and orange noses. Use a hole punch for the eyes and pieces of coal. After the mixture dries glue on the hat, eyes, pieces of coal and nose. Then decorate the picture with markers.

Snowman Art Idea 2

The Crafty Crow created this adorable idea for cards.  Buy a set of blank cards, white paint and grab a potato from your refrigerator.  Use paint pens and markers to embellish.  You can cut an orange carrot nose out of cardstock and the heart is made out of felt.  This may even work for Valentine's Day or as just a set of fun winter cards!  I love that the print is made with a potato!!!

This last idea would be good for a dip and sip party with the girls!

Snowman Art Idea 3
You provide the paints and brushes.  Let your guests provide the wine and canvas!

I am sure if you do one of these projects, your soul will be a jolly, happy one too!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!