Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Tablescapes-It's All About the Details

It's all about the details!

When decorating, you don't need to have the fanciest, most expensive pieces, nor do you have to have lots of items.  A few inexpensive pieces placed just so can look like you spent a ton!  This same principle applies when you decorate your table for Christmas or really any holiday!

Here are a few ideas on how to really jazz up your Christmas tablescape that you can use for your own table or as a great hostess gift!

What a cute and inexpensive idea from Southern Living Magazine.  All you need are some holiday colored cloth napkins, mini grapevine wreaths (from the arts and crafts store) and some pretty, color coordinated ribbon.  Just tie the wreath onto the napkin with your pretty ribbon.  Perfect!

Look at this one from
All you need are some long strands of rosemary, floral wire, twine and some paper.  Just take one strand of rosemary and turn it into a circle.  Close the ends with the floral wire.  Add a twine bow to the top and some paper name tags with your fancy writing.  You'll be good to go! has a ton of candy cane inspired ideas from decor to edible, but I loved this one!  Check out her site for all the other fun ideas she has! 

Could that be any cuter?  All you would need to do is unwrap candy canes, hot glue 3 candy canes together to form a "tripod," tie on some red ribbon and add a tag for the name.  Simple or what?

Here's one even the kiddos can do!  All you need are red and white pipe cleaners.  Twist them together and then shape the blended pair into the first initial of each of your guests!

Finally, the piece de resistance....

I think this originally came from Katie Brown.  There are two ways to go about this.  You could use a large can, hot glue candy canes around it and then tie on a ribbon OR you could just use a vase and line the candy canes up around the vase, using ribbon to keep the candy canes together.  Put in some beautiful flowers, a few sprigs of greenery and you have a wonderful centerpiece...great for your table or for taking to the hostess of a party.  (Hopefully my sister did not read this post...this one is so coming her way since she is the hostess this year!

So whether you want understated or whimsical...hopefully these ideas inspired you!  All are so simple, yet make an awesome impact!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!