Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Came and Went

Halloween came and went!

Seems like the leaves were just turning colors and now they are falling to the ground and blowing away with that crisp, fall breeze.

As I put away my Halloween decorations, I leave out some things that can be still counted as fall.  Pumpkins, not jack-o-lanterns stay.  Pumpkins still work because they were at the first Thanksgiving and I am a teacher, so I say so!  Leaves stay but ghosts go.  All of my pilgrim and Native American decorations make their annual appearance out of the dark and dusty basement.  And before you know it...Halloween was a distant memory of the past!

So in looking in the basement for my decorations, I found a box with yards and yards of burlap...I have no idea why I would have it?  But, the funny thing was...I just came across this pretty fall burlap table runner project...I kid you not.

I spotted this over at and it is a no sew project, perfect for me!
There are more detailed pictures there if you need more of a tutorial.

Basically all you need is some burlap, Heat and Bond, faux fall leaves and fabric glue all of which can be purchased at the fabric store and or dollar store.

Here's what they say to do:
"Start by measuring the surface you are making the runner for.  Iron out and cut your burlap to size.  A little trick I love for fabrics {burlap included} is the pulled string trick.  To get a perfectly straight line 'drawn out' for you in your fabric, simply measure to your desired point, pick at it until you get a little bit of that string there and then pull slowly till it unravels throughout the fabric."  Oh my gosh!  I did not know this but think it is a FABULOUS idea!  Is that not wonderful?

Once the fabric is cut it is time to 'hem' the sides.  This is the no sew part.  Use Heat and Bond with your iron along the sides to give the fabric that finished, hemmed look.  

Use your fabric glue to start adding the leaves to the ends of your table runner. did that ombre kind of look.  You can copy that or use your own creativity to create the design you want.

Won't this look wonderful on your Thanksgiving table?

Halloween came and went, so time to start thinking about the upcoming feast and decor is part of it!

Get a jump start!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!