Saturday, October 12, 2013

Owl Always Be Here For You!

We sleep with the windows open as much as we possibly can.  I feel like once winter comes we are closed up for what seems like FOREVER!  So, I enjoy it while I can...most of the time.

You see, ever since I had children, I hear everything!!!!

When I was in my 20s, I could sleep through an explosion, really, I kid you not.
I was once in a hotel and the fire alarm went off.  It was blasting!  I had to be awakened to evacuate the building!  But then children came and yep, I heard everything and my husband didn't hear I thing.  Funny how that works?

It's fall and the evenings are cool around here so the windows are open, but I am losing sleep.  Every evening or should I say every early, EARLY morning I hear an owl hooting.  There is a Great Horned Owl who spends the wee hours of the morning in a tree by the house and boy is he or she loud!  It is actually pretty exciting, but not good for circles under the eyes.  I try to tell myself to just enjoy the hooting calls that it is like he or she is saying, "Owl always be here for you."  A nice thought, right?  

With all of our talk, around the house, about our feathered friend, I saw just the cutest project! made these for picture frames, but I thought they would be really cute as cards.

Just purchase a pack of cards/envelopes from the local craft store.  They could be white or brown paper bag colored.  You will need some craft paints.  Use this picture as your guide.  It would be great to make this with your kids since they will have smaller hands.  If you lack kids, borrow some.  I am sure someone close by is willing to lend their's out for a little while.  Use the handprint to make the owl on a branch and add all the other details the picture shows.  This could also be really fun to make with a bunch of girlfriends over a glass or two of wine.  You provide the paints and they provide the cards.  Girl's night in!

Think about how cute would this be as a note card that had the sentiment "Owl Always Be Here For You" written on the inside.  You would make someone's day!

Help someone else celebrate the little things that make life sweet like special friendships!

Until next time,