Saturday, September 21, 2013



Do you know what that is?

I didn't even know there was a name for it.

But, I do have it..a little bit.

Sciurophobia is the fear of squirrels!
See how much this blog teaches you!!! :)

Let me tell you why I have this fear.
Let me set the stage...

Years ago, we were at a lovely picnic.  You sit amongst trees, dining on your picnic goodies all while listening to Bach or Mozart or whatever classical music the orchestra is playing.  The sun is setting and dreamy notes fill the air.  Suddenly, a squirrel appears in the distance!  How cute!  Not!  The squirrel panics to get up the tree we are peacefully sitting next to,  running through our picnic and reeking havoc!!!  Next thing I know, the squirrel runs across my lap...scratching his way across my legs to the tree!  As he exits the area and we assess the damage, I see scratch marks on my leg.  I am convinced!  I will get rabies!  I inform all that I better go to the hospital to start the painful series of shots!!!  No drama here, right?  To end this, I did not need the rabies shots.  I survived and to this day, show no signs of needing to hoard acorns.
Scary Squirrel
See!  I told you!  Frightening!!!

Speaking of acorns...
Have you seen these cuties?

Edible Acorn Idea

This is version one for making edible acorns for humans.  Very clever!  You will need glazed donut holes, some melted chocolate for dipping, chocolate sprinkles and pretzel sticks.  Melt the chocolate in your microwave.  Take your donut hole and dip the top into the chocolate and then quickly dip that same end into chocolate sprinkles.  Lay out on some waxed paper and insert half a pretzel stick into the top.  Let cool and allow chocolate to harden.  Adorable!  This idea was posted on and is perfect for fall.

For version two, check out
Just as cute!  You will need a tube of royal icing, mini vanilla wafers, Hershey's milk chocolate and/or pumpkin spice kisses and Reese's peanut butter chips.  Assemble to look like the above image, using the icing tube as your "glue."

If you have a hunkering for acorns...sweet flavored acorns and are ready to celebrate fall...check out one of these acorn recipes, BUT, do not share with your squirrel friends or foes, as I see them.

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!