Thursday, September 19, 2013

Falling Leaves

The leaves have not begun to change yet, but it is time for a Fall fieldtrip!


To the apple orchard?

Out for a picnic by a river?

Nope!  To the DOLLAR STORE!

I wanted to give you the heads up to get over there, as quick as can be, because the dollar store leaves are falling and you don't want to miss them!

She is cheap and has awesome, crafty ideas like this one.

As you begin to think about your own fall decorations, you may want to get this one ready to put out as fall makes it's official arrival on Sunday.

There's nothing to it...especially if you aren't a sewer, which I am NOT!

RUN to the dollar store and pick out some of these fall leaf placemats and glue them together with some craft glue.  Kind of skew them this way and the above picture.  Mix up many fall colors or just do a couple.  Put some heavy books or pots on top while they dry together for about 24 hours.
That's it!

So easy and it will look fabulous in your home! Make it fast so you can put it out on Sunday with the announcement, "It is OFFICIALLY FALL."  Your family will think you are so on top of things or maybe a wee bit crazy?

Celebrate the little, cheap things that make life sweet!