Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Batter Up!

Finally made it to a baseball game this season.  Not one of the two professional teams in our area, a farm team, more specifically an A team.

Hmmm.  An "A" team as in The A-Team?  Mr. T was going to be there too?
Right before we left, my husband decided he better give a "quick" lecture on a level A farm team.  Aren't you sad you missed that?  In a nutshell, this is the lowest level baseball team that could eventually lead to being on a professional team.  Now YOU too are more knowledgeable about baseball! I like baseball, but I just don't get all the stats and subtleties to the game. I leave that part to the hubby and I just enjoy being outside and snacking!
What's a baseball game without hot dogs?  Well, you could have a brat as did one member of our group, always someone who has to be different.  The rest of us had hot dogs!!!  So I got to thinking...how could you enjoy this great American pastime of eating hot dogs and watching baseball at home in a really fun and creative way? Easy!!!  Create your own hot dog bar!  Check out these really fun ideas..

Could this be any more inviting?  Hostess with the Mostess has such fun ideas!  You can find this hot dog bar and many other ideas at www.hwtm.com

Look at those dogs!  http://mostlyhomemade.com has a stupendous recipe for chili dogs!  They just ooze goodness!  You will be licking your fingers with this recipe!

Hot Dog Chili Bar

The best part about food bars is that your guests/family are involved in the process and it is customized to each person's particular tastes.  www.sheknows.com shows another great hot dog bar set up.

Put a baseball game on tv or better yet, set up an impromptu game in your own backyard.  Put out your own hot dog bar and it's like you are at a game! For sure, you won't STRIKE out!

Take time to enjoy the little things that make life sweet!



  1. Love the hotdog bar idea and agree that a night out for baseball is the most fun because of the ballpark food!

  2. For sure a home run with a hot dog bar!