Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tiramisu Affogato

I am a HUGE fan of tiramisu!  I mean HUGE!
I almost always order it for dessert if it is a menu choice.  So, I have totally got the 411 on this dessert.
On the other hand, I had never heard of an affogato...(I know, I live in a cave)...until I ran out of cream for my coffee one morning.  I used ice cream instead.  Totally thought I was on to something and then realized that my discovery had been around for a long time, known as the affogato...I know, I live in a very dark, deep cave.  I ran across a recipe for Tiramisu Affogato and fell in love.  I know tiramisu and I now know affogato; this combo...perfect!

Don't you just want to lick the screen?  Well don't 'cuz that wouldn't be very sanitary...I'm all about the germs.  So, make some for yourself and you can lick every last drop.

Are you ready to see how easy these are to make?  Just assemble and serve!
I love recipes like that!

Ingredients per serving:
3 Stella D'oro Margherite Combination cookies
2 scoops coffee toffee crunch ice cream
1/4 cup espresso or coffee
whip cream
shavings of semi-sweet bakers chocolate

In a glass, place 2 scoops of the ice cream. Break the cookies into large chunks.  Add the cookies to the top of the ice cream.  Slowly pour the espresso or coffee over the top.  Put a dollop of whip cream on top and add some chocolate shavings.

An impressive looking dessert that tastes just as good as it looks.  The cookies soak in the espresso/coffee and get that tiramisu texture and taste that I absolutely love!  I can't believe how quickly it came together and how good it tastes!  Not much prep work at all!  Next time you are looking for the flavors and textures of tiramisu, check out this recipe.  It will fill all those tiramisu check boxes!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,