Thursday, September 12, 2013

College Care Package September Idea

The all important college care package!
I love to get mail.  Usually the mail only has bills in it...not so much fun.  But, even those are sent electronically more and more.  Not much comes to our mailbox anymore.  So when something does come in the mail AND it has a colorful envelope, I get very excited!  If a box were to arrive, watch out!  Excitement everywhere!!!
Fortunately or maybe unfortunately, I have passed on that trait to my girls.  They too love getting mail, especially boxes!  
My daughter has been away at school for a few weeks now, so I decided it was time to send a fun package of goodies.

September College Care Package
So for her first box, I chose a theme.  Did you really think I wouldn't?  We love s'mores around here and I thought I would send her foods to create s'mores in her dorm room, fire pit not necessary! :) 
I included some marshmallow fluff, nutella, strawberry jam, pizzelle cookies, a strawberry fruit bar and some iced coffee packets.  Of course, I included a Keep Calm and Eat a S'more card.  Kind of completes the theme, no?  Now she has some goodies to share with her room-mate while they are up late; iced coffee to help stay awake and some munchables to go with the coffee.

Really anything could be included in a care package.  I just really like doing themes.  Kind of fun for the recipient and fun for me to organize. I'm already gathering things for next month's theme.  Stay tuned!

Just a little something to say we are thinking about her!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!



  1. Awesome! Would you share your card? I'd love to send it to Bailey....Tyler wouldn't appreciate the pinkness or cleverness of it.

  2. Just posted the pink one on pinterst, my care package idea board. You can also go to to make your own keep calm phrasing and choose your own colors. Then use you computer skills to upload it to word and make it whatever size you want. Hope that helps! :)