Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Blueberries for Sal was always a favorite with my kiddos.  As the story goes, Sal's mother doesn't want her to eat the blueberries so that she can use them for canning.  Well, blueberries don't last very long in my house either, just like Sal.  Although, I don't have bears trying to get their fare share either!  But, someone is always taking a couple.  More like a handful!  They are like candy only they are good for you!  I am lucky if I can use them to make muffins, pancakes, bread or pie.  This time I was able to gather enough to make a rustic tart.

This recipe from Taste at Home used blueberries and blackberries.  You can too, or just double up on the blueberries!  Put a little scoop of Greek Frozen Yogurt on top and get your piece while you can.  This totally says summer!  Enjoy the simple things that make life sweet!
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  1. That is my daughters favorite book as well. I really like the funny storyline.