Saturday, March 1, 2014

And the Oscar Goes To...

It's almost Oscar Night!
Lots of movies and stars to be honored at their big night!
OK, I have to come clean...
I have actually not seen one of the movies that have been nominated!  I am a cheap-skate and wait until they are out at my library for free!  Wait a second, I did see one!  Well now I am totally into watching!
So whether you have seen any of the movies or not, you can still partcipate in the fun!

Here's a fun Red Carpet Bingo game.  Click on over to Tip Junkie for this free Bingo printable and some other Oscar night printables.

I Gotta Create has a Oscar Bingo card about the movies themselves.  Click on over to her free printable.

Now that the games are ready and you know what channel it's do know, don't you?  You will need some about a popcorn bar since it is about the movies?!!!

An easy way to serve popcorn and make it just a tiny bit more special!

So put on your red carpet pjs and get ready for some fun during Oscar Night!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!