Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Projects

On to the next holiday...Valentine's Day!

Looking for a fun, cute Valentine's Day project to liven up your decor?

Here's one that is too cute!

Lolly Jane has created these adorable trees using felt shaped hearts.  You will need styrofoam cones, 3-4 sheets of felt (pink or white), dress maker pins and some "finial" heart shape tops, which you can find hearts on a stick at the dollar store and use those.  Cut out the hearts and overlap on the cone with the pins used to hold each felt heart.  Just eyeball and the effect will be really, really cute!

Here's another really cute Valentine's Day decoration from Then She Made.  You can see how she painted the pot, added some ribbon and then painted and embellished diminshing sized sticks to create a Valentine tree.  Very clever and really open to making it your own.  Top with a heart and you are good to go.  Make one for yourself and give one away...so cute!

Look at this!  Sometimes I Craft Myself used a dollar store picture frame, added a black background and miscellaneous red buttons to spell out love.  I "LOVE" it...get it?

The next holiday is here and now you too can be ready with some inexpensive, clever decorations for your space!  Share the LOVE that comes with the season!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!