Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's That Time of Year - The Girl Scout Cookie is COMING!

Yep, it is that time of year when the Girl Scouts are out and about selling the infamous Girl Scout Cookies!!!!

This time of year was both a curse and a celebration in our family.

Let's start with the positive...a celebration...
Yummy Girl Scout Cookies!

The curse...
My girls had to sell cookies in the dead of winter and it was also when many people had started their new year's diet resolutions.  A double whammy.

Whether you see this season of Girl Scout Cookies as a curse or a's here!  But I have a cause to celebrate!!!  I have discovered some recipes that use Girl Scout Cookies!  So order away!!!  No need to eat them just out of the box.  However, that way is good too :)

My Baking Addiction has an awesome recipe that uses Thin Mints...a personal favorite!

OMGoodness!  Thin Mint Pie????  That would have to be carazeeey good!  Click on the link above to find the recipe.

Picky Palate has used Thin Mints in a Gooey Cookie Bar recipe.  This recipe works with Thin Mints or Tagalongs...another favorite of mine.  Click on over to the link to find the recipe.  It is so easy!  Only seven ingredients?  Wow!  You use a cake mix in addition to the box of cookies.  Easy and good.

OK.  This is awesome!  My mouth is watering already!!!
Check this one out for sure!  Blend together a 1/2 box of crushed Tag-a-Longs, 6 cups of vanilla ice cream and 1 cup of milk.  Add some whip cream and you have one delectable milkshake.

A Tagalong Milkshake from a Girl Scout Troop in Ohio...I am a good way!  I am puckering up and about to get out my blender.  Might need a spoon for this one.

You better place your order for cookies now...some to eat right out of the box and some for recipes...more than some...LOTS!

Time to celebrate that time of year because the Girl Scout Cookie is COMING!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!