Thursday, December 26, 2013

Grilled Bread, Box of Jars and Crispy Chicken Thighs

Yum you are wondering about that combo?

It isn't a game of which doesn't belong.
Remember from Sesame Street when they would show 3 items and you had to decide which did not belong in the group like apple, banana and car?  You may be thinking that an apple and a banana can be eaten in a car, so all three go together...but you would be way overthinking it!

So what's the deal?
A really cool restaurant in Chicago called State and Lake ChicagoTavern, just off State Street in The Wit Hotel...that's the deal! Whether you are local or planning on visiting the Windy City (maybe wait until the summer...pretty cold here right now), you should check this place out!

The menu changes seasonally and uses artisanal ingredients grown by local farmers.  But the really interesting part of the menu is the Box of Jars!  Oh my gosh, this is so fun, so good and is served with grilled bread. From a list of many, you pick three for your table and share away!  Check this would never think of combining the ingredients together, but the combinations ARE incredibly delicious!

We tried the Chef's Country Pate with cherry preserves and a local mustard.

In our box of jars, we also chose Fig and Pepper Bacon Jam with manchego and “hot” almond.
Off to the left in the background was the Warm Dino Kale pudding with goat cheese and panchetta crouton.
These were crazy good on grilled breads!!!

Additionally we ordered Charcuterie and Cheese which is basically a meat and cheese tray...upscale!

 Again, the presentation is so fun!  Lots of artisenal meats and cheeses served with honeycomb (honey), a local mustard and a house jam.  Jars of grilled breads serve as your base for all the yummy items.

And if that wasn't will love the Crispy Chicken Thighs to share with your tablemates.

The crispy chicken thighs are piled high with mustard slaw, smoked chili honey and a pepper vinegar.  I can't even describe how good this combination tastes!

So, what can you take away from all this?
An awesome restaurant!
Lots of unique appetizers to share and converse over!
Artisenal quality local ingredients!

Making all this at home???  Probably not, but look closely at the can do the same!  Create an upscale cheese or meat board.  Toast lots of bread slices in the oven.  Find some unique sauces from the grocery store and put them in jars! 
Add some mini wooden serving spoons and you can have the same type of presentation.  This would be especially good for New Year's Eve!

Well, what do grilled bread, box of jars and crispy chicken things have in common?  They all come from a great Chicago restaurant that will leave your tummy so, so happy!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!