Friday, December 20, 2013

Gingerbread House - Is it up to code?

I am married to the most handsome, wonderful, funny and special husband ever!
He sounds perfect right?
Well, he does have a flaw...he is an architect.
Hmmm, you may be wondering how that could possibly be a flaw?  Let me tell affects our drives in the car, sandcastle building and yes gingerbread house decorating.  You see, the architect in him must examine houses of any kind at anytime.  Even while he is driving, his eyes wander from the road!  I mean really wander from the road, like turned around, looking behind him positions...all while driving!  Sandcastle building, he has to take over.  He even uses credit cards to smooth the edges of the sandcastle and glares at ALL children (ours and strangers) who dare come near the seaside structure!  And gingerbread house making...well, they are certainly never up to code.  I guess he just can't help it?  But I think it drives him nuts!

So, did you know that the annual national championship gingerbread house building/decorating competition started yesterday at Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina?  It is the coolest thing!  I have seen the competition on HGTV, but I could only imagine how awesome it would be to see it live at that storybook hotel!  How hard it would be to not take just a nibble...guess I would be thrown out for that!

Oh my goodness!  Are these not the most impressive gingerbread houses ever?  The detail!  The creativity!  The structurally sound and built to code, deliciously, edible buildings!!!  My husband's vision of how a gingerbread house should be!

Then there is this...

I think the framer didn't do his job!  Kind of how gingerbread houses often turn out...

But yours can be something in between.  When the girls were little we would gather the family to make gingerbread houses.  Each gingerbread house would have it's own character!  Quite the gingerbread village!  It was always a fun way to get together over some snacks to create.  Then everyone would have a fun take home craft.  Yes, the kitchen would be a sticky mess, but it was worth the laughter and time together.

There are a few ways to simplify the preparation.  Now my husband used to build cardboard houses for the gingerbread builders to stick the graham crackers to (the control freak in him), but you can use graham crackers with royal frosting to create your own structure.  You could even make your own gingerbread...knock yourself out!  However, graham crackers work just fine with royal frosting and if they aren't "up to code," that will just add to their character.

Check this out for a great list from on how to do your own gingerbread house decorating party.

This is a great family activity for ALL ages!!!  Even the grandparents like to participate!  Such sticky fun and what could be better than nibbling on the house...such a photo op!  You won't have to worry about Grove Park security throwing you out!

Whether you can build a gingerbread house up to code or not...get your family together and create a whole gingerbread village.  You'll be glad you did!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!