Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Cards

Oh, the Christmas card...I still like getting them.  Some people have switched to the electronically sent Christmas card, but I still enjoy making my way through "feet" of snow to the mailbox and seeing what is in inside.  I guess I am old schooled or like to hike the 50 steps in blizzard conditions to the mailbox?  I guess I exaggerate about how I get to the mailbox, but I am not exaggerating when I say I like to receive mail...not bills, the other stuff!

So what about the cards you send out?  Do you keep one for yourself?  I do!  I have put them in an album so we can see each year.  My cards go all the way back to when I was first were we young!

Anyhow, I recently saw a really creative way to display the cards that you sent out each year.

Check this out!

Look at what did!
Simply mount your annual holiday photo on banner shaped pages that you can cut from pretty card stock paper from the arts and crafts store.  Add your picture.  Then add a cut out circle to display the year of the photo. Hang from some ribbon and attach to your mantel.  Isn't that clever?  How fun it will be for your family to take a trip down memory lane!  I have also seen the same concept used with all the pictures you have taken when your children visited Santa.  Sometimes those are hilarious!

Anyone who visits your home, during the season, will absolutely adore seeing your family through the years!  Otherwise, the pictures sit in an album or a box!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!