Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving for 4 or 20 or you are going to a Thanksgiving spread, I have some ideas for you to make your table or your host's table look festive.  They are easy and colorful!

Over at wineandglue.com, they made an adorable centerpiece out of a pie pumpkin.  Just cut off the top, scoop out the goop, place in some floral foam, add a bit of water to the foam and then add your flowers.  Pretty easy don't you think?  And very festive!

Here's another one...

I wish I could give credit for where this came from...isn't it adorable.  Just take some mini pumpkins and again cut off the top, scoop out an area on the inside and then add a bit of floral foam.  Dampen the foam and add your flowers.  How pretty to have one on each place setting.  The other cool idea is what was used as the chargers!  Those are clay pot saucers!!!  They can be found at the home improvement or gardening center for really cheap.  Just measure your plate size so that you can get clay pot saucers that are larger than your plate.  It also looks like some vines were used to add just a wee bit more color.  I love it!

Finally, for the main table, a kids table or even in a serving area...this is such a cute idea.  Look closely at the shape of the pilgrim hat.  Do you recognize it?  It is a terra cotta pot!  Spray paint a terra cotta pot black.  Cut out a yellow buckle to hot glue on.  Use black foam to cut out the rim of the hat.  Place some floral foam on the inside.  Once dampened, add some fall flowers.

Hopefully you now have several ideas to choose from to help make those table areas look extra festive!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!