Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Snacker's Delight: Buttery Garlic Ranch Pretzels

Whoa are these good!

What an awesome treat with a beer while watching a football game


an awesome treat to gather in a jar and give to a friend


the best way to keep vampires away...

So what accomplishes all of the above?

Why Buttery Garlic Ranch Pretzels do the job!

Buttery Garlic Ranch Pretzels
You won't be able to stop eating these!  Your husband may not kiss you for a week, but if he is snacking too, he won't mind...all will be good with your love life!  Besides, if any vampires are still hanging around from Halloween, they won't come near you!  So have at it!  I am warning you ahead of time, these are not the least bit healthy so plan on running a few extra miles at the gym or just deal with the extra calories once the new year comes.  Bathing suit season is months and months away.  Right?

16 oz bag of pretzels (I used waffle pretzels, but you can use your favorite style)
4 oz Orville Redenbacher Buttery Flavor Popcorn Oil (found with the popcorn at the grocery store)
1 oz package of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix
2 tsp garlic powder

Put the pretzels in a large bowl.  Add the popcorn oil and toss until all the pretzels are covered.  Sprinkle on the dip mix and garlic powder.  Toss again until all the pretzels are coated.  Spread the mixture out on some waxed paper and leave out to "dry" for a few hours.  Once dry, store in an airtight container.

These are so good, you may not want to share.

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!