Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Oh my goodness, gracious!

Where have I been? 

 I must have head my head stuck in a bowl full of candy corn?  You haven't been peeking in my windows have you?

Why have I not seen these before???

OK, I just ran across these at www.spoonful.com,  but I believe this adorable craft originally was posted by Family Fun magazine.

For those of us living with our heads stuck in a bowl full of candy corn (me), you won't believe how simple they are to make.  First thing you need to do is round up ALL the full toilet paper rolls in your house.  If your family needs to go, send them to the neighbors because YOU ARE GOING TO GET CRAFTY!

Crafters, gather your supplies:
Toilet tissue rolls
22 x 18 inch piece of fall colored fabric
Brown paper bag
12-inch green pipe cleaners
Green felt leaves

Set each toilet paper roll in the center of a 22- by 18-inch piece of fabric, gather the fabric around it, and tuck the edges into the top hole.

For a stem, roll a strip of brown paper bag into a tube and glue the loose edge.

For the vine, glue one end of a pipe cleaner to a felt leaf, then curl the pipe cleaner around the stem. Insert the stem in the hole.  Or, find a stick out in the yard and cut it to size to give a more realistic look.

Wow!  Adorable!

Make several in coordinating fabrics to create pumpkin patches all over your house!

GO CRAZY and celebrate the little things that make life sweet!