Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Need Organization in Your Life? Think Cookie Sheet Upcycling

I try to stay organized.  With one away at college, it should be a little more manageable?  I am just in denial, still busy around here!  Anyway, we have one central location that I keep the week's schedule for all to see.  I need organization in my life!  It lists concerts, parent meetings, special activities and really anything so that all members of the family are in the know!  At least that is my theory!  No, excuses for double booking!  I even keep the week's menu posted so I don't have to think about what I am serving.  Sounds pretty good?  But, I am thinking I need to update my message center into something much more cute.  So as I am looking for ideas, I have come across all these message centers that use cookie sheets.  I don't know about you, but my cookie sheets take a beating and don't last for very long.  I am replacing them frequently.  When I saw that a message center could be used by upcycling cookie sheets...I got way too excited!!!
Here are some ideas I found to get inspired.

For the above idea, you can cover your ratty, old cookie sheet with colored contact paper or find some pretty paper at the craft store to modge podge the paper to the cookie sheet.  Find colors that match your home decor.  Add a can that has also been covered and add some magnetic stripping to the can.  Just insert some pens and pencils.  The rest is up to you.  Whatever you need to stay organized.

Message Center Idea 2

I love this idea!  It uses a lot of Stampin' Up products, but I know I can find similar items in the scrapbooking section of an arts and crafts store.  Find some pretty paper to modge podge to the cookie sheet and then add all the fun embellishments.  Adorable!
Message Idea Center 3

How fun is this one?  I am thinking my college daughter would like this one for her dorm room.  She has so many activities plus school work, time management and organization are key!  I could pick out papers in her school colors or pick out patterns that match her sorority's signature colors.  Then all I would need to find are some magnets with a lot of bling!  Too cute!  Shhh...I am thinking Christmas present!
Message Center Idea 4
This final message center idea has room for the week's menu, an area to keep a daily schedule and a place to pin coupons or even the grocery store list.  This cookie sheet was painted with black chalkboard paint.  You can then use paint pens to write the days of the week so that part can be permanent.  Just use chalk for the things you will change on a daily or weekly basis.

Wow!  Some great ideas to help you and I stay organized.  I can't decide which one to make!  I think I will be making at least 2 and then 1 for my daughter.  Maybe then I will be super organized?!

I guess I better get busy!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet which for me is staying organized and I can upcycle those old cookie sheets.  Perfect!


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