Monday, September 16, 2013

Oh, Mylanta!

This past Friday we attended our daughter's high school football game.

So I dressed in some cute capris with an adorable top in the school colors.  I also wore a pair of fun flats, without socks of course, because that would ruin the look of the capris.  To finish off the ensemble, I wore a fun scarf and LIGHT weight sweater to tie everything together.  All of this is extremely important part of the event...the look!  Who agrees with me?  I should see lots and lots of hands!!!

Now, mind you...a cold front had come through on the evening before.  But, it is September and it felt pretty comfortable!  So off we go in my cute outfit, if I don't say so myself.  At the last second, I grabbed a blanket from the car to sit on since those bleachers are a killer after a couple of hours!

Well, oh mylanta!!!!!


I should've have known better now that I have been living in the Midwest for close to 20 years.  Always dress correctly for the weather or you will be miserable.  My clue should have been all the women wearing boots and jackets...not light weight sweaters!  I could have used a PARKA, I kid you not!  These are the times when I still feel like a Floridian...when will I learn?  Thought I could tough it out.  But, the blanket to sit on quickly became my life preserver.  I actually wrapped myself up in it, much to my husband's embarrassment.  I didn't care...I was cold.  AND, if momma ain't warm...ain't nobody happy!  At least that is my version of the old saying.  Maybe that was why our daughter never came over to visit us in the stands?

I started to think warm thoughts and what I was going to do once I defrosted and was back in my own toasty home.  I was thinking a warm cup of cider and cinnamon toast biscotti.  That would be my warm reward!

This recipe is a great version.  I like a lot of cinnamon flavor, so I hold back on the cloves and add more cinnamon, but that is up to you!
Cinnamon Toast Biscotti

Click the above link to find the recipe from
Biscotti is really simple to make and this one tastes just like the cinnamon sugar toast you used to make as a kid.  It is a wonderful accompaniment to the warmed cider.
Both of these were perfect after a cold outing. They warmed up my frozen body (my husband thinks I am being dramatic) and made me happy.

Let this be a lesson for you.
Dress for the weather, even if it means you can't be super cute.

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet and warm you up on a COLD evening.

Until next time,