Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sunflowers Make Me Smile

How can you not smile when you see those larger than life flowers.  They are such a sign of the end of summer and the coming of fall.  Love it!

I started thinking about sunflowers and searching around cyberspace and came across some really cute projects that feature the sunflower.  Sunflower Inspiration!!!  Maybe they will make you smile too!

Could this be any cuter???  Not sure the source of where this came from, but wouldn't it be a great addition to your garden.  Create the sunflower from a large saw blade spray painted yellow, a bicycle rim spray painted brownish red, a t-post, rebar and bottles.  How fun that would be!  I bet the saw blade and bicycle rim could be found on free cycle or some other recycling resource.

Cheap and cute!  Start with a pizza pan and chalkboard paint.  Drill two holes at the top.  Paint the pizza pan.  It will take several coats and drying time in between.  Pick up some sunflowers from the art and crafts store.  Hot glue the flowers to the top.  Now add some pretty green ribbon by tying through the holes you previously drilled.  So creative over at

I couldn't pass this one by.  How cute to give and/or receive one of these!  Such a crafty girl at
All she did was make the sunflower pattern using yellow and brown paper.  You could use a die cut machine or just free hand it.  She then glued the sunflower onto a peppermint patty!  Can you believe it?  Two were placed in a cellophane bag and any kind of sentiment could be added with the ribbon.  Told you it was cute!

Next time you see a sunflower, stop and smile...maybe make a sunflower craft for others to enjoy that smiling experience too.

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!