Thursday, August 8, 2013

National Zucchini Day

I love to celebrate whether it's Christmas, Valentine's Day, Cinco de Mayo, got your first driver's license, made it around the block without tripping, you know...the little things that make life sweet.  So if the zucchini has a national day in it's honor, well that celebration is a must!  Grab a bushel of zucchini from your garden, farmer's market, grocery store or even your neighbor's garden (I am sure he/she won't mind 'cuz wannabe farmers like to share goodies from his/her crop?) and let's get cooking!
Here is an oldie but a goodie and it is lightened up by using applesauce.
This bread is so moist, gets in a vegetable serving AND has chocolate!  Sounds like it has it all!  Find the recipe on the above link or go to
A friend introduced me to zucchini tots.  My girls LOVE them and so do I.  Just pop them in your mouth and enjoy!  These come from
This zucchini delight is a new recipe I tried out recently.  The aroma while baking is AWESOME and the taste is FABULOUS!  Serve with a glass of wine and it can be an appetizer with others or just eat the whole thing yourself; not that I have done that, I am merely suggesting...
Oh my goodness!  Look at it!  This is sooooo good!
If you need anymore ideas on how to celebrate National Zucchini Day, I found lots more "p"inspiration.  In fact, 46 more ideas so you have no excuse not to try one!  Dorothy at , one of the bloggers I follow, compiled a bunch of sweet and savory zucchini ideas.  Find one that excites you!
If you haven't been, take time to celebrate (National Zucchini Day) the little things that make life sweet!
Until next time,