Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Miami Trip - Culinary Tour

Hopefully you checked out yesterday's post all about South Beach Miami!
South Beach has quite the nightlife and beautiful, wide beaches but it also has fabulous food.
You can find Cuban and South American food, fantastic steakhouses and the freshest seafood!
Yep, it is a food lover's haven.  And, a great way to explore all these flavors is by taking the
Miami Culinary Tour.  This tour group has several options for food exploration.  Head into Little Havana to experience all the sights and flavors found in this unique Cuban neighborhood.  Or, head off to the Wynwood Art District, a warehouse/factory area that has been transformed into an art district full of restaurants and amazing art.   And your final Miami Culinary Tour choice is to eat your way around South Beach.  That's what we chose.  The food was AMAZING as we listened to our guide describe what we were about to eat.  The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable about the foods, the cultures and the architecture that make South Beach the eclectic environment it is today!  Our tastebuds were tickled!  Follow along and hopefully I can give you a "taste" of South Beach!

We started at Manolo's On the Beach for THE BEST Argentine churros!
They have quite a selection of bakery items and are known for their churros.  

We began our food tour on a sweet note with Dulce de Leche Churros.  The exterior was crunchy and the creamy filling was incredible!  I could have stayed here and sampled my way through all the treats! 

Our next destination, Bolivar Restaurant.  This place had such a fun lounge feel to it!  Food here is a fusion of Colombian, Peruvian and Venezuelan.  Oh my gosh!  The flavors!!!

First we were served an Aguila Beer and Cream Colombiana Refajo drink.  It was hot and this drink was incredibly refreshing!  And then...WOW...

out came a plate with a Passion Fruit Ceviche and a Beef and Potato Empanada.  The ceviche was so fresh tasting.  Made with raw fish that is cured with citrus juices.  Spices and fruit are added as are  nuts very similar to corn nuts.  An explosion of flavors!  The Beef and Potato Empanada had a little bit of a kick and paired nicely with the cool ceviche.  Can't even remember what the empanada dipping sauce was, but I could have licked that little bowl clean!  

On to Larios on the Beach.  This restaurant is owned by Gloria Estefan and her husband.  The hubby and I have been there several times, way back when it first opened 20+ years ago.  The interior has changed since then but the food is just as delicious.  If you want good Cuban food, this is the place to go.  You will love the stunning interior and the food is so'll need to undo that top pant's button.  :) 

Here we were served Beef Ropa Vieja, plantain chips and a garlic mojo sauce.  Talk about taste-buds being tickled!  The Beef Ropa Vieja was incredibly tender with all those Cuban spices.  To eat this dish, you dipped the plantain chip into the garlic mojo sauce and then placed a forkful of the Beef Ropa Vieja on top.  The combo of the crispy plantain chips with the beef and the garlic sauce is sooo good.  I would definitely order this the next time I am there.

 By this point we were getting full.  But a foodie must continue on.  Where next?  On to a 5 star restaurant and hotel, The Tides South Beach.  Frank Sinatra was a frequent visitor and spent a lot of time in a private lounge behind closed doors at this establishment.  I bet some interesting things went on there.  Anyhow, we were served a moroccan chicken dish and learned about all the spices used to create the flavor.

The moroccan chicken had a delightfully mild curry sauce served over a bed of couscous.  I was getting fuller by the minute, but couldn't resist this dish! 

For our final destination, we headed to Espanola Way for some authentic Italian gelato.

Spinning the wheel of many little room.  But, there is always room to squeeze in a bit of gelato.  It was made to perfection!

Like all good things, our tour came to an end.
It was so fun to meet new people and learn all about the area through the food and the history.  With the backdrop of the Art Deco architecture, it was quite an experience and a must if you travel to South Beach.

I hope you got a "taste" of South Beach and are ready to head on down!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,

I have just created a Cuban Cuisine Pinterest Board.  Follow along as I discover other Cuban dishes to try out!  You might also want to follow my When in Miami Pinterest Board too.  These boards will help you plan a trip to Miami or create that experience in your food at home.

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