Monday, April 13, 2015

Muffin Tin Madness Round Up

In keeping with the theme of the blog, celebrating the little things that make life sweet, it isn't just about my approach on life.  It is more than just's also about my love of little goodies, sweet or savory!  One of the best ways to make these little sweet and savory treats is with your muffin pan.  Great for portion control and, let's be honest here, yummies from the muffin pan are CUTE!

So, grab your regular or mini sized muffin pan and take a gander at all the recipes you can make because your muffin pan is for waaaaay more than just muffins!

Eggs Continental Muffins

Shrimp Fried Rice in Wonton Wrappers

Coconut Key Lime Pie Bites

Blackberry Cornbread Pudding with Caramel Corn

Spaghetti Muffins

Orange Infused Brownies
Muffin Tin Madness!!!
Oh, by the way...come back on Friday for sure!  I think I see another muffin tin inspired recipe coming your way...a savory one that is a blast from your past.  
(See, I can also see the future with my muffin tin.)  Really!  :)
So make sure to check in at the end of the week to see if my prediction is correct!

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Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,

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