Saturday, May 31, 2014

Salsa Garden

So how's the gardening going?
It's not too late you know.  In fact, 2 short weeks ago, we had a dusting of snow!
Now that's crazy!  Luckily, I was in Miami at the food blogging conference...not so lucky for my husband because I frantically called and asked him to cover all the flowers and veggies I had planted.  Everything survived!  But, if you haven't taken the plunge into gardening isn't too late!

How about just creating a Salsa Garden?

You will need the following plants:

Cilantro needs its own space in the garden where you can harvest it and then let it go to seed.  When long flower stalks appear, as it gets too warm, you will begin to see the seeds which are coriander seeds.  A dual purpose plant!

Plant a variety of tomatoes.  They will need a warm, sunny (at least 8 hours) spot and will need support as they grow.  A really easy plant to have in the garden.

Jalapeno Peppers are a must for salsa!  They too love the sun and like to be wet, but not too wet.  I know, what's not too wet?  Just keep moist.

Garlic Chives provide that extra fresh taste in salsa.  Garlic chives prefer full sun, but can be grown in the shade.

I love how Bonnie Plants organized their salsa garden.

All you need now are the tortilla chips!  I'll share my famous salsa recipe when I have some tomatos from my garden.

Get planting!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,


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