Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Freaky Fast Pizza

As you know from previous posts, Friday is always our pizza night.
It is very rare that we order pizza to be delivered or picked up.
Sometimes I make the crust or have lots of ingredients that take a little more time, but today I thought I would share with you the absolute fastest pizza you can make at home.

In fact, it's

Looks like I whipped that out of a wood burning pizza oven, doesn't it?

So how do you do that?  Thanks for asking...

The secret is to start with a package of whole grain, baked naan flatbread.

Each package comes with 2 flatbreads.  So I bought 2 packages to make for my family of 4.  You will also need some fresh mozzerella balls packed in water, some Vodka pasta sauce (or your own favorite tomato sauce) and some thinly sliced pieces of fresh spinach.

Heat your sauce until hot.  Onto the flatbread, spoon on the sauce.  Sprinkle on thin pieces of spinach.  Slice the mozzerella balls into thin slices and scatter across your spinach/sauce topped crust.

Slide it into the oven (no wood burning pizza oven needed) and bake at 350 until the cheese melts and the crust becomes crispy.  And then you will have this...

You couldn't get pizza delivered that quickly, especially pizza at THAT caliber!

The crust has taken on that crusty look and is topped with fresh mozzerella and spinach!

Is that not freakishly fast or what?

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet!


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