Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5 Universal Truisms-Go S'more Deep!

There are 5 universal truisms!

People, I am going to go deep!  Get ready for it!

Yep, there are 5 universal truisms of s'mores!
My marshmallow is usually the one that bursts into flames and I just stay sticky!
The last one is especially true!  What people actually hear, "Hey!, I'm making s'mores!  You guys just sit there and eat them, OK?"  Did you ever think that maybe this truism is correct because you need to revamp your s'mores?  Maybe just graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows aren't enough anymore?
It's the 21rst century!
Technology is at our fingertips, every second of the day!
So, it is time to REVAMP the s'more!

We all love to have a fire pit.  It replicates the whole camping experience minus the outdoor sleeping.  Love it!  But, how to revamp s'mores?  Check this out...

What I am really interested in is what Leigh Ann did at!

She put out lots of s'more ingredients for 6 different varieties and then posted a menu that listed how to make each variety.  That would be too many choices for me, but knock yourself out if you want to revamp deep!

So here all the varieties:

The Classic - chocolate and marshmallows on a graham cracker (the standard, so shoot higher)

The Elvis - peanut butter, bananas and marshmallows on a butter wafer

Cookies and Cream - cookies and cream chocolate bar and marshmallows on a chocolate chip cookie

Strawberries 'n Cream - white chocolate with strawberries and marshmallows on a sugar cookie

The Grasshopper - mint dark chocolate and marshmallow on a chocolate chip cookie

The Caramel Craze - milk chocolate, marshmallows and caramel on a waffle crisp cookie

So many possibilities!
You better make fire pit family time a weekly event to try all the varieties before winter sets in!

Let me know which variety is your family's favorite!

Celebrate the little things that make life s'more sweet!


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