Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Magnificent Mo"mint"

A magnificent mo"mint"!  Get the play on words?  I have so much mint in my garden that decided I better start using some of it.  So I decided to look up some "mint"acular recipes.  Sorry, I couldn't help myself...
Check out some of these ways to use up your mint. 
Say fresh brewed tea with fresh mint three times is a mouthful, but really quenches your thirst.  Click on the link to find the recipe.  This was the first way I thought of to use some mint.  For something more decadent, try making chocolate mint brownies.
You could make homemade brownies following the above link, or you can cheat.  Just buy a brownie mix and add 3-4 Tbsps. of freshly chopped mint.  Your house will smell so good and the brownies will not last very long!  Yummy!!!  Serve with ice cream (maybe mint chocolate chip) or some whip cream.  By the way, putting a sprig of mint on the side makes you look very professional.  I'd go that route for sure!
Finally, I thought I would use mint for mojitos.
A refreshing, adult, evening drink while hanging out with friends on the back porch...OR just sitting outside with your honey while you watch the sun set.  That would be romantic, right?
I am sure you have lots of uses for your mint too.  Maybe I will serve a meal with all three of the recipes above?  Maybe too much? 
Hope you are outside enjoying the fruits of your gardening labor and celebrating the little things that make life sweet.
Until next time,


  1. That mojito looks fantastic! Now I wish I did have a little mint growing in my yard.

  2. I should totally share with you! Next season...a mojito party!