Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One of those days...

Ever have a day, week or maybe even a month when you feel like you are on rollercoaster ride and you just want to get off for a little while?  Life is just going way too fast?  Does this look like how you feel once in awhile?  Or maybe you look like this too much?

Well, we have had days like that recently in our household.  We started the summer off with a nice relaxing vacation, but have been running ever since!  When I get that way, I either start cleaning like a mad woman or head to the kitchen to bake.  This time I went to the kitchen and started baking some cookies with my youngest.  Believe it or not, it helped to clear my mind and once I started eating what I baked, all seemed good.  You may be wondering what kind of cookies I baked?  Usually I go for something chocolate...nothing in the pantry.  My next vice of choice is peanut butter.  So, I made peanut butter cookies...TOTALLY a comfort food. 
This delicious cookie recipe is from  They hit the spot.  The toffee chips were a wonderful surprise for my taste buds.  And yes, I did share.  The best part???  I could spend some time off the rollercoaster baking with my daughter AND eating something that reminded me of when I was a kid.  Ahhhh, the simple things that make life sweet!
Until next time,


  1. We have a new family moving into the neighborhood, instead of my traditional banana bread, I'm thinking some cookies tied with twine and some milk might be a great "welcome to the neighborhood" gift.

  2. Food is always a great way to welcome someone into the neighborhood. Happy baking!