Saturday, October 31, 2015

Leftover Candy?

Let me tell you a true life spooky tale...
It was a dark, dark moonless night.  I was walking along with my sweetheart when he suddenly disappeared.  The sound of bat wings filled the air (I know bats are silent, work with me).  Right in front of me appeared a large apparition.  The large apparition pounced and began to suck my blood.  
A dream?  A movie?  A nightmare?
Nope!  Real life!
Well, I may have embellished a little.  Here's how it really went down...
It was a very dark, dark moonless morning.  My sweetheart and I were walking into a building early one morning after a night of fasting for our annual blood panel screening.  Filled out paperwork.  Got our flu shot and then moved on to have our blood taken.  The hubby was right next to me and then suddenly he disappeared.  A phlebotomist (the fancy word for blood taker, also why I made a vague reference to vampires) waved me over to her station where I, the good patient, happily sat.  The next thing I know, the "large rubber band" is tied around my bicep seemingly too tight.  I make a fist and wait while she feels for the vein, thinking to myself that a vein will pop up any second because of all the water I drank beforehand...told you I was the good patient.  Then, bam!  She begins to flick the inside of my elbow.  Not gentle flicking.  No, this was all out war against my veins.  Where was my knight in shining armor who could have driven a stake through...oh wait, that's for werewolves.  Garlic!  Where was he to wave garlic around that creature?  Humpf!  Well, a vein finally popped up (thank goodness) and my blood was withdrawn.  I left with an arm soooo sore and by afternoon I had a bruise the size of Idaho!
I will live.  I know you all are concerned.  :) Ha!  I know, I know.  99% of phlebotomists are not like that.  I must have gotten her on a bad morning.  Scary nonetheless.  Anyhow, I figured this story was an appropriate one because it is Halloweeeeeen!!!  You know what else is scary?  Leftover candy!  I have a couple of ideas to solve that problem faster than you can say phlebotomist!

Having leftover candy isn't the worst thing, right?  You are going to need those little chocolate bars so if you aren't having a slow trick or treating evening, pull those aside otherwise plan to raid your kiddo's treat bag.  Be prepared!  That's my motto because you are going to want to have some of these desserts!

Sugar cookie cups are filled with a light chocolate almond flavored filling making these
 Candy Bar Cookie Cups da bomb!  The recipe is easy.  Make sure to click over to get the list of ingredients and all the simple directions.

Death by Chocolate Parfaits are fittingly named.  They are absolutely to die for!  Layers of chocolate mousse and crumbled pieces of candy bars.  They are killer!

Symphony Brownie Pie is one of those pie recipes that you will be sharing.  Once someone has had a slice, they are hooked!  Use leftover candy bars for a sweet treat now or save them for later when you can make the pie for Thanksgiving.  Oh yes, it will outshine the turkey!

Really, leftover candy does not need to be a concern for you.
You are prepared with some recipe ideas!
    I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!
    Stay safe and beware of ghosts, goblins and phlebotomists.  Tee hee hee!

    Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,

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