Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apple Gorgonzola Crostini


With the flipping of the calendar and the passing of Labor Day, it seems like the winds are a changing.  Cooler temps are on the way and apples are aplenty!  Sometimes the easiest and simplest things are so tasty, just like this Apple Gorgonzola Crostini.  Besides, it'll give you more time to enjoy the season.

A fresh slice of French bread topped with gorgonzola cheese followed by
a slice of crisp apple then drizzled with honey.  The sweetness of the apple and drizzled honey with the bite of the gorgonzola cheese is such a refreshing appetizer or light lunch.  I say grab some girlfriends and a bottle of wine.  Set out the ingredients and watch the leaves change color.

apple slices (your favorite variety)
1 package of gorgonzola cheese, crumbled
1 baguette (toasted or not, it's up to you)
Slice the bread and the apples.  Lay out the bread and apple slices, crumbled gorgonzola cheese and honey.  

Seasonal simplicity packed with flavors of the season!

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,

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