Monday, November 3, 2014

Chicago Fieldtrip: Andersonville Neighborhood

We have lived in the Chicago area for the past 21 years and absolutely love heading into the city via the train or just driving in from the expressway.  As you get closer, seeing all the skyscrapers is always exciting.  Plus, the architect hubby always has some "need to know" information to share about the structures...even 21 years later.  He's like my own personal tour guide.  So, we are pretty comfortable with the downtown and all the tourist attractions.  Which are still awesome!  But, we haven't spent that much time exploring some of the surrounding villages and neighborhoods within Chicago.  That has become our new thing to do!
Parking is free!
Neighborhoods are adorable!
Restaurants and shops are FABULOUS!

Our latest exploration took us to the Andersonville neighborhood
for a
How fun is that?

As a reference point, Andersonville is North of Lincoln Park, just West of Lake Michigan.  More specifically, North of Foster and East of Ravenswood.  Along Clark Street is where most of the shops and restaurants are located.
About 100 years or so ago, Andersonville had the largest Swedish population outside of Stockholm and you can still see the influence in the village today.
Our first stop was the Swedish American Museum to pick up our dessert passport!
Our passport had 12 stops for "a gourmet trick or treat experience with delectable desserts at every turn!"
They did not lie!  YUMMIES at each stop!

Check out these goodies!

Swedish Rice Pudding with Lingonberry at Svea Restaurant
Love the lingonberries sauce combined with the texture of the rice pudding. 
Great way to start the dessert crawl!

Snap-o-Lantern and Zanzibar Ice Cream at George's Ice Cream and Sweets
Oh my gosh!  The Snap-o-Lantern ice cream was pumpkin flavor but it was the most delicious pumpkin flavor ice cream I have ever had.  And the Zanzibar?  I licked up every drop of that chocolate ice cream!  Both were rich and creamy.  Totally worth a visit back to try all the other delicious and unique flavors available!

George's Ice Cream and Sweets
Besides, the ice cream shop is adorable!

Baklava at Taste of Lebanon
Baklava is one of my favorites and this baklava was sooo good!

Among other favorites included Apple Cranberry Streusel from First Slice.
But the coolest part of First Slice is their outreach program.  They serve close to 4,000 meals each month to Chicago’s hungry, every month.  This is AWESOME!

We sampled cookies, cheesecake, blood orange mousse and, and, many delectable goodies that we were completely stuffed!  What a fun experience!

Such a beautiful fall day in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood!
The people of Andersonville were incredibly friendly and I can't wait to return!
There are some restaurants I definitely want to try!

I wonder which neighborhood we will explore next?

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,

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