Friday, August 1, 2014

Hawaiian P.O.G.

I know school is just right around the corner, which means fall is coming, which means winter is coming, which means snow...lots of snow will be coming.  I am so not ready to go there!  I know...I in the present...don't worry about the upcoming winter (future).  But, I have consciously decided that I am not going to rush the end of summer with back to school...not yet.  I am still thinking summer and thinking about the summer vacation I took.  If I close my eyes, all the back to school advertisements will disappear.  The emails from the school about getting your child's schedule will just go away.  The pumpkin decorations I see in the store (really, that is insane) will disapper and I will be sitting on an island sipping a tropical drink...just like I did a few short weeks ago....

We traveled to Honolulu and boarded a cruise ship to sail the Hawaiian Islands!!!
Coolest ever!!!
NCL Pride of America

I have to share the freshest tasting drink that was everywhere on the islands and now you too can have it!

It's called POG...a funny sounding name, but such a refreshing and tasty beverage.

POG is made of Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava juices.  Wow!
Now, I thought that it would be impossible to find papaya and guava juices back home in the Midwest, but I was wrong!  You don't need to even go to a speciality grocery store, those juices are right there on the shelves while ukele music plays in the background...sorry, that was Hawaii, but you really can find the juices in your grocery store.

Whether you are having a luau (a great idea by the way) or looking for a refreshing summer drink, POG will hit the spot.  So easy to make!!!  Here's how...

8 oz can pineapple chunks (or some fresh pineapple cut into pieces)
1 cup passion fruit juice
1 cup orange juice
1 cup guava juice
(**basically equal parts of each juice)

Freeze pineapple chunks overnight.
Mix the juices and pour over ice.

Add pretty straws and umbrellas for tropical appearance :)

Fresh fruit abounds in Hawaii.  There are fruit stands along the road as well as juice trucks.  How could you not stop?  Hawaii is known for POG, so we drank it every chance we could get.

Prepare to be refreshed from the combination of juices that just meld together!  So you see, I closed my eyes, well, after I made POG, and made all that back to school stuff which ultimately leads to winter (yes, I am still bitter about last year's horrendous winter) go away.  Won't you join me?

Celebrate the little things that make life sweet,

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